International events/expos: Oslo Innovation Week + Munich Fabric Fair

Eja Batbold (Founder at Yakmere):
“Coming from Mongolia, I always have faith in developing our community and country.
In the past year, I focused on potential idea that could bring value to my community while being sustainable and good for the environment. The idea is very simple, sourcing yak wool direct from local herders and create long lasting luxury clothing and home pieces.

I was doubting whether this idea is somewhat counterintuitive in this era of high tech and high turnover economy but attending some of the international events such as Munich Fabric Festival and Oslo Innovation Week has proven me wrong. For which I feel very optimistic and motivated about @Yakmere.
Oslo is the green capital of Europe and during the Oslo Innovation Week many of the start ups were competing on the platform of being sustainable, green, and design friendly. @Yakmere is exactly definition of that. We are a truly nomadic brand that is turning natural waste into a luxury clothing and home items.
Thank you so much CzechInvest, Oslo Innovation Week, Embassy of Oslo for hosting us and Congratulations to fellow start ups that is bringing sustainable solutions to the market!”